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Supercharge your Skills - The Pocket Book

Do more with your skills with this practical guide on how to take what you have, your talent, and/or experience and turn them into a gold mine. 

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Whether using your usual skills or trying something new, we help get you started easily and in less time.** You also get access to a Challenge event for free, so you can easily do twice the work in half the time.

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Sign up for our 3 day or 5 day challenges that get you started on the right path to success. Failing is easy, the real courage lies in succeeding, and we help you get started  right.

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A real game changer!

"Nkechie is knowledgeable about various career subject matters. She worked with me in a calm, friendly and professional manner taking me through each step. Each session felt like it was tailor-made to suit my needs. She asked me the right questions, listened without making me feel I was being judged and put in the right cues to help me recount and appreciate my previous work experiences.  She helped me to get rid of the fear of change and to see the strength and relevance of my past work experiences in the career direction I wanted to go.


She pulled all my experiences together into a professional cv and gave me sufficient room to critique and comment on the cv until I was happy with the end result.

The experience has been a real game changer for me.''

I got into the role I wanted within 2 weeks!


PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Over 9+ Years Experience)

I'm Nkechie Ilori

The founder of the School of Achievers, a life-changing author, a believer in anything is possible, a 'yes' sayer, with a buzzing mind, and professionally known as Emma Ilori. I remember moving from one continent to another 9 years ago and having to switch careers from an engineering field to something else; the journey to the discovery of what 'something else' meant was a hard and gruesome one. Yet I was determined to chase my professional dream (I hit brick walls on the way, to be honest) and in so doing, I found it. Today, helping and inspiring professional achievers like you to reach your dreams and transcend your expectations is something I am passionate about and why The School of Achievers was founded.


It is time to turn your career dream into a reality so that that exceptional intrapreneur in you can come out and shine.

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We've got you covered! Choose from any of the options we offer....
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For INDIVIDUALS, choose a pricing plan that suits your pocket and gets you the solutions you need. 10 Tools, 12 months Access, Videos, 12 Months Live ASK Nkechie Live Coaching sessions and more..

For PARENTS, choose the package that serves your need. Let's get you and your Teen up to speed with what's happening in the global world of work and how you can support them in their career choice journey...

For ORGANISATIONS, Work with us to deliver your intent, change programmes and employee well-being programmes

... and much more, including 121 sessions.

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