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Get you noticed, hired and retained without frustration, multiple applications, or losing control... anytime and anywhere.
The 5-Step Career Peak Performance Success System online course that will give you the tools you need to finally put an end to frustrating, emotionally draining, and exhausting job acquisition and retention struggles.
No more multiple applications. No more counting the pennies. No more frustration. No more joblessness. Become the professional you’ve always wanted to be.
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"I've lost control of my earning power...

I'm discouraged most of the time...

Something has to change, but I don't even

know what and how!?"

Everyone knows being a fulfilled professional isn't easy, but no one told you it would be like this.

No one told you that you would spend hours on end applying for hundreds of jobs, longing to get a chance to prove your worth in an interview. No one told you that you would spend the remaining hours tormented by the realization that soon, you won't be able to afford your most basic needs or look after your loved ones like you should.

No one told you that despite trying your best day in day out to sell your value to employers and organizations, you could still end up feeling so helpless, deflated, and so completely demoralized as a professional.

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You've tried everything:
CV revamp. Watching YouTube videos. Taking another course. Calling recruiters. Nothing is working!

No matter what you do, everything feels like you may be closer to getting your dream job... or any job at all! Then it falls apart again and the desperation sets in. It’s just so draining. You’re so tired of fighting for relevance.

Something has to change!!

Things can not go on like this.

Believe it or not, you are not alone.
You can break the cycle!
It is easier (and far less painful) than you think.

Thousands of work ready people who have value to give have endured the same stress, pain

and desperation you are feeling right now; so many found a way forward with
the 5-Step Career  Peak Performance Success System online course.

Online & convenient - watch immediately


It was a real game changer!

Nkechie is knowledgeable about various career subject matters. She worked with me in a calm, friendly and professional manner taking me through each step. Each session felt like it was tailor-made to suit my needs. She asked me the right questions, listened without making me feel I was being judged and put in the right cues to help me recount and appreciate my previous work experiences. 

She helped me to get rid of the fear of change and to see the strength and relevance of my past work experiences in the career direction I wanted to go.


She pulled all my experiences together into a professional cv and gave me sufficient room to critique and comment on the cv until I was happy with the end result.

The experience has been a real game changer for me.'

I got into the role I wanted within 2 weeks!

Odun . O - career move from Social care to Product Management


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Just imagine...

Looking at your phone in surprise after receiving a call from a recruiter asking you to interview for a job you applied for... 48 hours ago.

Applying for a job, successfully getting an interview and then getting the job all within 2 weeks.

Sitting at an interview where you are selling your value like a pro, and the hiring team all see you as the best fit for the job.

Receiving multiple calls requesting for roles you didn't apply for... simply because your CV/Resume topped their search criteria on job boards!

Feeling on top of the world because you are just about to start a new job, doing what you love in the company of your dreams.

Successfully moving into the career path you've always wanted... with little or no stress at all!

It sounds too good to be true... I know. But these are the real life experiences directly from the growing School of Achievers - TSA family.. I’m proud to say moments like these happen all the time.

Is it possible to build a fulfilling value-driven, work life without being "Frustrated and Penniless?" It is. I would know. I had to learn 'how to' myself.

Hi, I am Nkechie Ilori

Founder of The School of Achievers - TSA, an author, peak performance and potential coach, change enthusiast and a "recovered low self-believer."

Don't let the sunny smile you see fool you: the truth is, before I got to this state and stage in life, I used to look down on my professional value, so much so it affected everything - the types of jobs I applied for, the kind of organization I applied to etc. I did apply for up to 1000 jobs years ago - Yes! you heard me (1000 jobs over a period of 12 months).


Like you, I never imagined I would turn into a heap of emotional rubble when I barely got 10 interviews in that time, but I was trapped in a vicious cycle:

  • diligently apply for jobs on multiple job boards

  • walk into recruitment offices on the high street and register my job interest

  • browse the internet for better application oriented tips

  • call the recruiters I had introduced myself to and remind them that I exist... and I am still looking for a job

  • … And remind them again after 3 weeks!

…Then I would repeat the whole cycle again...

Until eventually, inevitable (and without doubt), I would lose it, become unhappy... deflated and sometimes angry; turning into The Big Ugly Low Self-believing Professional AGAIN.

For almost 2.5 years, it was a never ending cycle I couldn't escape. No amount of browsing the internet, watching YouTube videos, or encouraging words from friends and family could break the cycle. I was at the end of my rope and disappointed in myself for the non-earning professional I had become.

Does this sound familiar? I am sure you can relate to a certain degree.

It wasn't until I discovered the power values selling strategies that I finally understood why applying on multiply job boards, and going through the whole cycle just don't work as an effective job acquisition strategy.

What I learned completely changed my career journey, my personal journey, and it can change yours too!

The 5-Step Career Performance Success System online course gives work-ready individuals, anywhere,
on any budget, the power to transform their lives and families.
Enroll for the cost of a few lattes a month
100% online, self-paced & easy to stick with
  • Quarterly live sessions (all videos available in the members post live-sessions)

  • 24/7 access to 20+ in-depth training video sessions

  • Advanced modules for tricky career moves

  • Handy Workbook for reflection, tasks, mapping and more.

Zero guess work - real life results
  • No fluffy theory: get specific, tested techniques that have produced results

  • CV, Cover letter, professional portfolio sales techniques that work miracles

  • Know exactly what to say & when to say it, no matter what job acquisition challenges you face

Experience jaw-dropping changes in just a few days
  • Make life-changing progress in as little as 72 hours

  • See thrilling changes in responses to your applications in less than 3 weeks

  • Get reacquainted with your true value, professional and personal worth 

Connect with other career and work-ready enthusiasts who 'get it'
  • Join our members only private Facebook group

  • Get advice from successful members who have been in your shoes 

  • Get compassionate and intelligent support from other professionals who are committed to making the best out of their career journey in healthy, positive and a values-driven way

Experience jaw-dropping changes in just a few days
  • Make life-changing progress in as little as 72 hours

  • See thrilling changes in responses to your applications in less than 3 weeks

  • Get reacquainted with your true value, professional and personal worth 

Get 1-on-1 help for your most pressing
job-acquisition challenges!
  • Attend live group coaching calls and get a step-by-step action plan

  • Get answers & personal advice from Nkechie and her Certified Personalized Success System coaches in real-time

  • Know you can always get help when things get tough

Bursting with Result-Tested, Step-By-Step Tools 



It took less than 3 weeks.

Getting professional help in my career path is one of the best decisions I ever made. It pointed me in the right direction. To be honest, I did not realize I needed professional help.'

I had two issues; my CV  wasn't getting me the interview calls I needed, and  I had difficulty figuring out the types of roles to apply for. I had a mental idea of what, but I was not sure what job title to go for or to what industry I had to apply to. 

Once I got professional help from Nkechie, I knew why I wasn't getting any positive responses from all the applications I had made - I saw what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to make it right. I got into a role in less than 3 weeks! 


Here's my little tip to share... do not be afraid to start from the bottom, don’t settle for less in the process, but keep your eye and mind on the main goal. Be willing to work for what you want and listen to reasonable advice. I started from the bottom and I now work in a consultant's capacity.

Abi . E - Recruitment & Selection

98% Positive Feedback Satisfaction
Conquer even the toughest, most stressful
job acquisition challenges, including ...

Revamping your CV/Resume

Trickling interview calls

Self esteem battles 

Selling your value and experience effectively

Application issues

Professional netwowrks

Getting your bearings

Career transitioning

Application anxiety

Interview anxiety

LinkedIn profile optimization

Website portfolio optimization

Returner anxiety 

Job Descriptions

Perfect candidacy (Hmmm...)

Hybrid/ remote/on-site working