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The School of Achievers delivers life
changing results that speak for themselves

A Job Acquisition online course unlike any other.
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"I've lost control of my earning power...

I'm discouraged most of the time...

Something has to change, but I don't even

know what and how!?"

In Less Than 3 Weeks!

Getting professional help in my career path is one of the best decisions I ever made. It pointed me in the right direction. To be honest, I did not realize I needed professional help.'

I had two issues; my CV  wasn't getting me the interview calls I needed, and  I had difficulty figuring out the types of roles to apply for. I had a mental idea of what, but I was not sure what job title to go for or to what industry I had to apply to. 

Once I got professional help from Nkechie, I knew why I wasn't getting any positive responses from all the applications I had made - I saw what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to make it right. I got into a role in less than 3 weeks! Here's my little tip to share... do not be afraid to start from the bottom, don’t settle for less in the process, but keep your eye and mind on the main goal. Be willing to work for what you want and listen to reasonable advice. I started from the bottom and I now work in a consultant's capacity.

Abi. E (HR Professional)

A Real Game Changer.

"Nkechie is knowledgeable about various career subject matters. She worked with me in a calm, friendly and professional manner taking me through each step. Each session felt like it was tailor-made to suit my needs. She asked me the right questions, listened without making me feel I was being judged and put in the right cues to help me recount and appreciate my previous work experiences.  She helped me to get rid of the fear of change and to see the strength and relevance of my past work experiences in the career direction I wanted to go.


She pulled all my experiences together into a professional cv and gave me sufficient room to critique and comment on the cv until I was happy with the end result.

The experience has been a real game changer for me.''

I got into the role I wanted within 2 weeks!

Odun. O (Product Management)

...Empowered To See My True Strengths

When I met Nkechie, I was at a huge, dark crossroads in my life. I was burnt out and disillusioned from my teaching job, suffering with terrible headaches and anxiety and feeling completely lost. With her guidance, I have made so much progress in turning my life around for the better, in a short space of time. She has empowered me to see my true strength and positive qualities, and to use them to deal with difficult situations in ways I hadn’t thought possible - this includes both family and career issues.

I had not heard of life coaching until I met Nkechie. Life coaching is not counselling - it’s like counselling that is supercharged and gives you super powers! The coaching I’ve received off Nkechie has been way more helpful than any counselling I’ve received in the past, as it is much more powerful in enabling you to find solutions and ways of dealing with the areas that make life difficult. It’s not an easy journey and some days you might feel like you just want to wallow in yourself because life coaching requires you to be really honest with yourself, and face up to who you are and what you really want.


I appreciate people being honest with me, in a helpful, empathetic and kind way. This is exactly how Nkechie works. She is both directive and intuitive and is able to hone in on the real issues, despite hearing lots of rambly commentaries! I love the way she says: ‘Ok.  I hear…’ And she cuts straight to the heart of the issue. This makes you feel listened to and supported.  She offers suggestions but most of all, she is gifted in empowering you to see solutions for yourself and to unravel what you know deep down. Her greatest skill is coaching you to do this positively and in ways that ultimately lead to your happiness, and in turn, everyone else around you’s happiness.

Nkechie is a master at enabling you to see the person you really are and embracing this by identifying the skills and qualities you possess and using these to assist you to move forward in your life. 


Life has become exciting, rather than a struggle. Thank you so much Nkechie! You truly are a magical lady!

Karen. E (Teacher & Business Owner)

I Had Taken a Break From My Career.

"I had taken a break from my career for a while to have and raise my children. When it was time to go back, I realised that things had changed really quickly since I was away and my confidence levels dipped. I began to question my skills and knowledge and it worries me. I spoke to a few people to bounce ideas of them and Nkechi was one of them. 


I decided to work with her for a short period of time in order to help me get back into the market. In the time we worked together, she looked through my CV, did an audit, and helped to pinpoint areas where my strengths were obvious. I had my own responsibilities during this collaboration but from my sessions with her, I was confident enough to start applying again. 


Shortly after, I began to attend interviews which meant my CV and profile were gaining attention. 


The sessions with Nkechi were good and helpful towards building the confidence I needed for the market. 

I highly recommend working with Nkechi because her services to you are tailored and unique. She has vast knowledge and experience in helping people transition into their dream careers.

Ayo. A (OD Professional)

Great Confidence & A Job In 24 Hours.

"Emma was instrumental in helping me regain professional confidence after redundancy and a year of maternity leave. I was very impressed with how quickly Emma was able to guide me through her analytical, coaching and project management abilities.  After a very productive hour session, I felt confident in my capabilities, well prepared and ready for an interview which resulted in a job offer! I will highly recommend Emma’s services."

I got the job I wanted about 24 hours after my interview!

Assetou. D (HR & Project Management Professional)

It Exceeded My Expectation!

"It was a professional delivery and I will recommend her CV Revamp coaching services to anyone! It exceeded my expectation! I will rate this between 90-99%. Excellent service. well done."

Ezekiel. E (Oil & Gas Professional)

She Came When I Was At My Lowest..

My 121 sessions with Coach Nkechi was PHENOMENAL! It could not have come at a better time.
She came into my life when I was my lowest and contemplating all sorts that come with depression.
She was able to make me understand where I was at the time and how I got there, walked me through ways of getting out of the pit I was in.
Something my coaching session revealed to me and has remained with me to date is, 'Jasmine, the woman in you is fighting to come out, to be seen and heard. Let her out.' This resonated with me in so many ways!
She also told me to be the driver of my dreams.
Until my sessions with Nkechi, I did not realize how laid back I had become. 
My session on 'State of the mind' revealed to me, how I have defined myself by events of the past and locked myself in there. 
The saying, failures or temporary setbacks do not define you came alive in me.

Major Take-Aways from the Session were:

  • Quit beating myself up over past failures. Move on.

  • Have a mental picture of who I want to be in the future, and work towards being that.

  • Make the move!

  • Quit Procrastination

  • Be bold and audacious. I should never let age define me.

  • Let the passion within, fuel my drive.

She was very professional, emotionally aware, and guided me through the tour of my career journey thus far as well as guiding me to my dreams/passion for the future I desire.

Jasmine. U (Return to Work Mom)

It Brought So Much Confidence.

"Great deal of confusion before Nkechi stepped in and delivered extraordinary sessions. It brought so much confidence that I could actually do more than I thought. Nkechi is cool and calm, never in a hurry. I wish we have met much earlier. Great job I must say.


I got into the role I wanted within 2 weeks!

Paul. O (Senior Recruitment Partner)

100% online, self-paced & easy to stick with
  • Quarterly live sessions (all videos available in the members post live-sessions)

  • 24/7 access to 20+ in-depth training video sessions

  • Advanced modules for tricky career moves

  • Handy Workbook for reflection, tasks, mapping and more.

Zero guess work - real life results
  • No fluffy theory: get specific, tested techniques that have produced results

  • CV, Cover letter, professional portfolio sales techniques that work miracles

  • Know exactly what to say & when to say it, no matter what job acquisition challenges you face

Experience jaw-dropping changes in just a few days
  • Make life-changing progress in as little as 72 hours

  • See thrilling changes in responses to your applications in less than 3 weeks

  • Get reacquainted with your true value, professional and personal worth 

Connect with other career and work-ready enthusiasts who 'get it'
  • Join our members only private Facebook group

  • Get advice from successful members who have been in your shoes 

  • Get compassionate and intelligent support from other professionals who are committed to making the best out of their career journey in healthy, positive and a values-driven way

Experience jaw-dropping changes in just a few days
  • Make life-changing progress in as little as 72 hours

  • See thrilling changes in responses to your applications in less than 3 weeks

  • Get reacquainted with your true value, professional and personal worth 

Get 1-on-1 help for your most pressing
job-acquisition challenges!
  • Attend live group coaching calls and get a step-by-step action plan

  • Get answers & personal advice from Nkechie and her Certified Personalized Success System coaches in real-time

  • Know you can always get help when things get tough

Bursting with Result-Tested, Step-By-Step Tools 

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