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By Coaching your people,
they thrive, leaders become enabled, and your organisation grows exponentially

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Our Vision

Activate and facilitate the intrinsic potential in people and organisations, so that they can always deliver passionately through their talent and to the communities they serve.

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Our Values

We are a transparent and highly confidential team, driven by integrity and a curious edge.




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Our Reach

We have served clients in 3 continents through our peak performance, career and potential coaching programs. We are growing so that we can serve more organisations.


Our Promise

Consistently activate change within your people through our value based delivery solutions. It will always be value for money with us.

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Who we are

Our Executive and Senior Leadership coaching arm started in 2020 when there was a great need for businesses and organizations to re-align their people operating model to run in parallel to the external pressures the pandemic ushered in. As an independent coaching and leadership firm we understand the impact of the shift in talent acquisition and retention landscape in the current world of work; our aim is to provide solutions that support leadership in attracting the right talent and retaining the people that are the soul and core minds of their business.


Whether we’re working with teams, groups, individuals, research teams, we partner with our clients to help their people flourish.

Benefits of working with TSA

$1.2 million – Your ROI, for every 100 parents we work with in our Parental support programme.

Improved confidence and agility with our female clients in our personal & career development coaching programmes.

Coaching through change - we support your people through any change transition, with a retention rate that keeps your business thriving. 

Work with accredited and experienced coaches who have business acumen as well as a passionate desire to see your people thrive


Our brand promise...

"Change, Birth through
Value-based Delivery."
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...Empowered To See My True Strength...

When I met Nkechie, I was at a huge, dark crossroads in my life. I was burnt out and disillusioned from my teaching job, suffering with terrible headaches and anxiety and feeling completely lost. With her guidance, I have made so much progress in turning my life around for the better, in a short space of time. She has empowered me to see my true strength and positive qualities, and to use them to deal with difficult situations in ways I hadn’t thought possible - this includes both family and career issues.

Karen . E - Primary School Teacher to Business Owner

98% Positive Feedback Satisfaction

Our Reach...

Continents we've covered

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