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COVID-19 - 5 Positives To Take Home From The Social Effects of The Pandemic

When 2020 began, I had so much great hope and looked forward to the great side of the year. Do I still feel the same way? Yes, but my priorities have slightly altered! With all the fear, uncertainty, bereavement, misinformation, information overload, and sadness in the world currently, the desperate need for hope has never been so strong as it is today. The hope to stay alive this year, the hope to have our loved ones alive and well, the hope to still have a job by the end of the week, the hope to still be functional and healthy every day - the hope for a healthy, functional life is ever so increasing in today’s world. Can there be positives to take home from today’s global pandemic crisis? Can there be at least ONE positive from all this?

I believe so. I see five strong positives that’ll redefine, refine and strengthen your hope resolve today and hopefully till the end of the year.

You have an unprecedented opportunity to STRENGTHEN your relationship cord with your child/children 

I see this happening. Since most schools are closed and parents are having to stay at home indefinitely to home school their children, this NEW experience of having to stay indoors for extended periods will be a new ball game for some parents. It’ll feel like an emotional stretch, but it can be the circumstance that strengthens the communication cord between you and your child. Parents to tweens and teens can take advantage of the prolonged proximity opportunity to lay the foundation of a great relationship with their child (one that may have been lost or is currently strained) that will transcend decades to come. Here are a few tips below.

You’ll get to know you BETTER!                        

If you thought you were a living legend, a strong personality with a tough mind, how are you doing so far? Are you beginning to see the emotional cracks? Are you beginning to anticipate the fear? This period globally will try the mental and emotional state of literally almost everyone, and if you have a great dose of self-consciousness, you’ll quickly realise that you may very well NOT be as mentally and emotionally strong as you’ve thought all along. The good news is if you can see the cracks, you now know yourself better and can work on repairing the cracks - fast. These times will reveal our true selves, what we truly believe versus what we say we believe. We will become an open book to ourselves. I believe this is a positive because we do not have to believe a lie about ourselves any longer. Trials have a way of revealing one’s true self and beliefs. Have you learned something new about yourself yet? Here’s what you may find;

Your CREATIVE side may very well come to life. 

If you are working from home or you’ve literally had to stop going to work - it’s time to discover your talent if you haven’t done so already! What’s that one thing you’ve always wanted to do or try out? It’s time to take out the paintbrushes, gardening tools, calculator, blank book and begin your quest for talent discovery. Try something NEW, you may very well discover you have a hidden knack for it!

Married? It’s an everyday BONDING time.  

Bonding never got better. Especially if you are both workaholics and are indoors, working from home. These are unprecedented times, which means you can take your relationship to unprecedented levels. If you aren’t on multiple calls all day, you can both work from the same desk (beside or across from each other). You can take turns to make tea, coffee, chocolate drinks for each other. Have small jokes and laugh about the real-time silly things that make your blood boil at work. You, my friend, have the opportunity to talk, bond and grow in these trying times. Seize the opportunity now.

Get to know thy neighbour!

I am glad I know my neighbour’s name, can receive parcels on his behalf and can have small talks. Not everyone can do this, or at least has had the opportunity to know who lives across, opposite or next to them. This is the opportunity to make small talk and grow a relationship with your neighbour. This isn’t the time to be biased, classy or sassy… these times call for bonding and a huge dose of humane actions. If you do not know your neighbour’s name, find out. Friendliness begets friendliness. You may very well need help tomorrow, and it’ll be that same neighbour that’s there to give a helping hand. Do you have an elderly neighbour? You know what to do…. exchange numbers, ask if they need help with anything… practice social distancing, but still, be humane. We all need some kindness.  

These times call for stronger family bonding, relationship repair, and self-discovery. Replace your fear and anxiety with the need to bond better, create new connections, and you’ll see that at the end of 2020, you will be in a much better place emotionally and mentally. People need people. Neighbours need neighbours, and the world needs stronger, genuine hope bonds. Be intentional today. 

Now go make those relationships Work.

Cheers, Nkechie

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