Nkechie Ilori has had a passion for helping people get past career pitfalls, pot holes, and challenges for almost a decade. She has been featured on NBC, ABC, and FOX. 

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Nkechie Ilori is a ‘creative fixer', career transformation, and personal development thought leader, author, purpose enthusiast, and change creator. Her specialty is in transformation at work, empowering females, and creating change embedding strategies for brands.

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Nkechie is a schooled Engineer who re-invented her career journey after emigrating to a new continent, has overcome many of her own obstacles – both personally and professionally. She is the founder of her brands, The School of Achievers and Perfectly Ready & Worthy.

Nkechie takes pride in the fact that these brands deliver strategically with faith, empathy, and the power of community, that bring powerful and impactful results to people.

Nkechie has spent a few years helping people transfer their skills and work experiences into work paths, industries, and sectors they truly want to be in. She has been featured in ABC, Fox, and CNBC.  She has helped people across 4 continents build career journeys they never thought possible by utilizing her experience in engineering, human resources, customer services (internal & external), organizational design and development,  project management, change embedding, and culture analysis.

Nkechie enjoys spending time conceptualizing, building models, traveling, and watching movies. But her treasured thing is to spend time with her children and husband.


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Supercharge Your Skills

SUPERCHARGE YOUR SKILLS is for the experienced professional, creative, back-to-work parent, entrepreneur,  manager,  and anyone who won’t settle for less in life, who wants a more ADVANTAGEOUS way to find and use their talent, apply their skills in a career path they are truly passionate about, and realize their super skillset.

Our Vision, Why We Exist & Our Core Values


Our core values are ​Integrity, Honesty, Opportunity, and Value-based Delivery.

We are committed to giving our best in every way possible, so you can have the best career journey and development. Our purpose is to give you the solutions you need so that you can live the life you have dreamed of, and we do this primarily with that outcome in mind.

Career journeys last a lifetime in many cases and our goal is to help you have a smooth and purpose-driven one.

Nkechie Ilori, Founder

Career Transformation, Personal Development, And The Work of Faith

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