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Nkechie "The Queen Of Career Vision Boards & Skills Tranfers" Ilori


Of Course, I Want To Be In The VIP Experience

Click Here To Purchase The Skills Analysis VIP Experience Ticket for $97

.... Including Exclusive Access To The Skills. Identification. Blueprint Course in The Members Area! Used By Specialists, Professionals, and Experts (you'll receive access to this when the Challenge begins).


Want To Go Even Deeper?


Join The Skills Analysis VIP Experience To Gain Access to 4 Additional Advanced Sessions With Nkechie...


During This Exclusive VIP 2 Hours Q&ASession, You Are Going To Get:


1. Real-world lessons on the biggest mistakes to avoid when transferring your work skills, and a better way to apply these skills you've got


2. Be able to submit questions in real-time and  have the opportunity to get live coaching from Nkechie on your specific situation


3. Exclusive Access to the 'Skills. Identification. Blueprint' Course

 You Are Also Going To Get access to all of the VIP bonus session recordings!

*These will be delivered in a separate email two weeks after the last day of the challenge.


$997 Value

of Private Group Coaching and Mentoring With Nkechie, The Queen of Career Vision Boards for only



I am so excited and happy to share with you 5 days of my best training on analyzing and transferring your skills effectively for bigger and greater work opportunities (in business or employed).


I expect the Skills Analysis Private Group to have well over 5,000 members in it by the time we kick-off...


I know that some of you truly want to make the most of these 5 days and so if that's you I want to offer you the Skillset Analysis Challenge VIP experience...


A $997 Value For only $97


you will have exclusive access to private group coaching live Q&A as well as the opportunity to submit questions and possibly even be selected for a "Clarity, Transfer & Application Coaching" session where I will be better able to answer your specific questions in a smaller group setting.


This is an opportunity to get well over $997 of value for only $97 and make the most of our time together in the whole Challenge.


I am TREMENDOUSLY Looking forward to helping you start analysing, transferring skills into a business, a new industry/sector or project. You have VALUE to give and you can start delivering it today.


In Your Service,

Nkechie Ilori

Of Course, I Want To Be In The VIP Experience

Click Here To Purchase The Skills Analysis VIP Experience Ticket for $97

We Are Changing Lives


A real game-changer!

"Nkechie is knowledgeable about various career subject matters. She worked with me in a calm, friendly and professional manner taking me through each step. Each session felt like it was tailor-made to suit my needs. She asked me the right questions, listened without making me feel I was being judged and put in the right cues to help me recount and appreciate my previous work experiences.  She helped me to get rid of the fear of change and to see the strength and relevance of my past work experiences in the career direction I wanted to go.


She pulled all my experiences together into a professional cv and gave me sufficient room to critique and comment on the cv until I was happy with the end result.

The experience has been a real game-changer for me.''

I got into the role I wanted within 2 weeks!


PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Over 9+ Years Experience)

Do you want your financial independence back?

Do you want to survive and be better in the workplace?

Do you want to afford what you want?

Do you want to say 'NO' to employment benefit and get your hands doing something you love?

Do you want to keep having food on the table?

Are you tied of constrained budgets?

Are you tired of begging and owing?

Are you tired of not being unable to afford the things you need?

Do you think your skillset is inapplicable in another industry/sector/field of work?

Do You Have a Question On The VIP Experience?

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