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The 70+ Page SuperCharge Your Skills E-Book

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The 60 Days Work Action Plan

3x Effective Cover Letter Templates

3x Premium CV Templates



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SuperCharge Your
Skills Work Kit

Applicable anywhere in the world! Works like crazy!

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Supercharge your skills HQ Front-04.jpg

"The SuperCharge Your Skills Work Kit" is the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to generate more job interviews, customers, and income through clearly articulating your skills and experience.

Why? Because you get completely explained, 100% “examples and fill-in-the-blanks” templates and resources for ABSOLUTELY EVERY STEP of your work hunting journey.

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Best of all, it frees up your time so you can focus on your potential... so it’s perfect for job hunters, work contracts, interviews, and ANYONE who wants to clearly articulate the value of their skills and experience.

And for a limited time only you can grab EVERYTHING you see on this page for the low, low price of just  ₦6,600 (NOT 67,000).

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"The SuperCharge Your Skills Work Kit" solves

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Instantly download "The SuperCharge Your Skills Work Kit" to your computer


Read the e-book and fill in the gaps in the tasks


Enter a few details into the templates... then start applying and getting more traffic to your CV, work requests, and more interviews as well!

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Supercharge Your Skills E-Book 

SUPERCHARGE YOUR SKILLS KIT is a job search, work promotion, and business skills bundle for professionals, creatives, back-to-work parents, entrepreneurs,  managers,  and anyone who won’t settle for less in life! Anyone who wants a more ADVANTAGEOUS way to find and use their talent, and apply their skills in different work paths that they are truly passionate about. Want to know how to Transfer your skills? This is the e-resource for you!

The 60-Day Action Plan

The step-by-step guide on how to plan your job hunt in a structured and result-oriented way. Get your hands on this action plan and if you follow it diligently, you will see the results you desire. Why apply for many jobs or work requests with little or no feedback??? This resource will help you strategically place yourself ahead of the curve.


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3x Premium CV Templates

Your CV is your 1st and most often the only way to make that first lasting impression you really want to make. Why gamble with opportunities and offers? These templates were built inhouse and have seen 96% of our clients attract the attention their potential requires. Again, why gamble with opportunities when you can get it right from now on?

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The Top Skills List

Do you ever wonder why your job or work package application receive little or NO positive results? Have you applied for hundreds of jobs? No feedback? Most often, it is because you aren't selling your skills and experience WELL. This list contains the key skills your CV, LinkedIn™, job boards and any other professional sites.

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3x Cover Letter Templates

Cover letters can be a life saver if you know how to use them to market your skills and experience. Our in-house curated cover letter templates have helped people sell themselves effortlessly in the last few years. It is not about the beauty of a cover letter... it is about the marketable details it contains. These 3 templates are a must-have.

Your Special FREE Bonuses!

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How To Analyze Your Skills Videos

These videos show you how to take a skill and interpret it in different ways. From identifying the skills you have to analysis its CURRENT relevance in the market, these videos will show you what to do to best interpret your VALUE on your professional credentials.

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3x Examples On How Skills Are Transferred

3 easy to follow examples of how a cleaner can become a property manager and much more.

These examples will open your mind to the power within a skill and how skills can be used intelligently. Want to know how to become what you have dreamed of?

This resource is a must have.

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3x Super Ways To Attract Employers  Like 1-2-3

Organizations have 4 major skillsets they want and need in order to thrive! This resource addresses the 3 top needs of organizations and how you can tap into these needs. What can you solve for a business, employer, recruiter, or organization?

Learn the top 3 solutions organizations are looking for!

That's A Lot Of Great Stuff Right?

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As a peak performance and potential brain house and coach, Nkechie loves nothing more than getting results as QUICKLY and EASILY as possible... without all the fluff so many people are teaching these days.

She attracts people to high-end coaching programs, challenges, and online courses - which has made her able to figure out exactly what solutions work when trying to sell your skills and potential... and more importantly what doesn’t.

And now to help new and existing work enthusiasts start. advance and scale their work-life fast, Nkechie is releasing her proven content in simple-to-use templates and resources that anybody can use.

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