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Manage Your Business & Mum World Like a PRO

(Global Online Delivery)

Learning how to effectively balance your parenting life and your business life is a CRUCIAL aspect to growing your business steadily and still be the partner your child/children need.

Over 3 days, I am going to show you HOW, as well as give you tasks that will get you the great results you desire.

Join me for my 4 Day 'Mumpreneur PRO' sessions starting on Thursday, 7th-11th May 2020.

$10 | £10 | ₦3995










Nkechie Ilori

I am mum also, and I struggled in the early days.... oh I struggled.

Hi, I am Nkechie the Founder of The School of Achievers (a Career Coaching Suite), the principal of The OWN IT Challenge™ Methodology for Career Fulfilment, author and a People Readiness Specialist. I do believe in your potential to be exceptional and believe me you can achieve much more than I have with VISIONING.

If you can save time, you can save resources, and in effect scale and still keep the relationships that matter the most to you. Will there be struggles, YES! But, you'll know how to work around them and stay on top. I'll teach you HOW.


The core Strategies That'll grow your Business



I'll show you 'how'



I'll show you 'how'

Time, Money, Resources


Grow your Income

I'll show you 'how'

Who Is This For?

Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs

  • Small Business Owners

  • Start-up Executives

  • Thinking of Starting a Business?

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Self Employed

  • External Consultants/Contractors

  • Employed Mums 

  • Stay At Home Mums

  • Carerers

MumPreneurs Say It Best!

We asked a few programme attendees to tell their stories. To all of the creative minds, workers, employees, intrapreneurs, innovators, crafty hands, looking to balance parenting, innovating and building a business, know that "You are the superheroes the world and organisations need."

Chioma needed clarity on her Business vision and growth, and she also needed business positioning tips that would help her scale whilst still being a dedicated mum. She got CLARITY and more!

CHIOMA ENECHIONYIA- CEO, Yellow Pebble Events (Event Stylist) | Africa  

Odun, was a thriving manager in the Health sector, but she wanted to switch sectors and didn't know 'how' or if she had the skills to accomplish what she wanted. She figured out she had much more than she thought. She was I.T bound in less than 4 weeks.

ODUN OKEME- Project Manager | Europe  |  9+ years experience
STELLA PHILLIPS- Investigative Specialist | Europe |  6+ years experience

Thank you Nkechi for these insightful videos. One thing that stood out for me is ‘Change is a propelling force for growth and we need to embrace it in order to stay at the top of our career achievements’. It has really got me thinking long term now :)

Biola, had graduate degrees with a combination of varying experiences. She got clear on what she wanted to do and achieve, communicated her skill-set effectively and got into her first contract role in less than 3 weeks.

BIOLA ELUWOLE- HR Consultant| Europe
|  4+ years experience

"Nkechie (Emma) was instrumental in helping me regain professional confidence after redundancy and a year of maternity leave. I was very impressed with how quickly Emma was able to guide me through her analytical, coaching and project management abilities.  After a very productive hour session, I felt confident in my capabilities, well prepared and ready for an interview which resulted in a job offer! I will highly recommend Emma’s services."

I got the job I wanted about 24 hours after my interview!

ASSETOU DIOBOUTE- HR Project Manager | Europe  | 10+ years Experience
PATIENCE - IT & Data | UK | 10+ years Experience

Amina Faith, worried about her slight stuttering and her inability to bag the jobs she really wanted, she had the experience financial services employers needed, but communicating it on paper and in-person was a HUGE huddle. She got over the huddles, communicated her skills excellently and had to choose between 5 job offers in a row.

AMINA FAITH - Financial Sector | Africa  
| 7+ years experience
Moms and Babies
mother and daughter
Family Unwrapping
Muslim Mother and Son
Working Mom

Designed & Curated in THE UNITED KINGDOM

@2020. The School Of Achievers (A Bagdis Incorporated Ltd Brand).

 Equipping and inspiring you to be the passionate and successful intrapreneur you desire to be.

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