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Use ONE of Your Core Skills To Work Anywhere in 30 Days or Less - Using One Unusual "Method" 


(…and it doesn't really matter if the skills you have, have no cross-paths with the career/job path you have your eye set on.
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Book Cover - SKILLS.jpg



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From The Desk Of Nkechie Ilori 
England, United Kingdom. 
Rainy with Dark Clouds. 
March 25

Dear hard and smart worker,

After you read this page... in its entirety, you will be so overwhelmed with hope and excitement.

Here's why:

I'm going to reveal...

An Unusual "Opportunity" to Make More Money In a

Career Path (Work/Job/Business) You Love, Using The Skills You Already Have

(That Almost No One Believes Works, or Is Too Scared To Take)

Happy Woman




When you “hear” it, you won’t believe it at first.


But when you “know” it, a new world will open up for you.


It will spark the biggest career growth journey of your life.


But before we continue, let me introduce myself...


But before we continue, let me introduce myself...

Hi! My name is Nkechie Ilori...


I am a transformation coach, course creator, and author from England, United Kingdom.


And up until a few years ago,  I was jobless, had no income and I found it hard to communicate my skills and belly-deep passion. I had just emigrated to a different continent – with little experience and an engineering degree.


 I worked really hard at getting a new job in a

non-engineering field, but I was constantly met with a brick wall.


For over 2 years I desperately searched for work experience, and practically “begged” for voluntary opportunities. I would wake up early every morning and apply to 10-15 jobs daily!

I did this at least 5 days a week. 

One day, I looked in the 'Jobs Applied For' section of one of the job boards I used and discovered I had applied for over 1000 in a few months and that made me absolutely “sad”. 

But then something happened that would change everything

in my career journey (and life) from that day forward.

I discovered a career breakthrough "secret"…

I uncovered the mystery - and a new reality opened before me.

And the secret came to be in TWO words.

One Skill.

Yes! One Skill. 


See, just like you, I heard "recruiters" talk about how having an array of skills would help you make it BIG and land the job you want...


I tried these too! I made no headway! 


But the revelation of these hidden words



I realised I didn't need to communicate ALL my skills to look like I was HIGHLY skilled...


I needed to predominately and intelligently communicate my proficiency with ONE core skill!

So, I decided to go 'little' and promote one core skill that had a huge 'transferability potential'. 

And within the first 8 days, I only attracted a handful of interview phone calls... I felt deflated.

But in less than 30 days, the calls came in more frequently!



In fact, I went from struggling to get 2 phone calls a week, to receiving 5-6 phone calls a day. 


To me, this was Christmas in the month of May!


I learned the secret method to growing and scaling ANY career.

And I want to GIVE you that EXACT method right now...

In fact, I used the same method to move from an Engineering background into

Project Management, Organisational Design & Development,

Change & Transformation, then into the

Mergers & Acquisitions space! 

"The One Core Skill Method"...

It works like this...

You take one of your predominant core skills and communicate its applicability to both internal, external stakeholders, etc...

When the calls start coming in, you can then talk through your other core skills and their applicability.

The goal is to get the calls, and then the interviews, and ultimately land the job of your dreams.

Discovering the transferability of your "One Core Skill" method is truthfully...

The single most powerful strategy for breaking into

what you truly want to do, using ANY skill you already have.

And the "One Core Skill" method is outlined in my brand new book called:

"Supercharge Your Skills - A Practical Guide That Shows You HOW

To Make Your Skills Work For You in Any Organisation or In Your Business

(Anywhere in The World)"

So, if you are ready to get EXTRAORDINARY, ILLOGICAL, CHRISTMAS IN MAY success at identifying ways to make your skills relevant in another industry, sector, career/job path, or field...

You can stop "looking".... because you just found the resource that'll get you there.

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Book Cover - SKILLS.jpg

Here's Exactly What You're Getting:

  • The best way to attract high profile and serious employers... (including the 5 ways that'll potentially help you secure a place with an employer for a long while) — Page 13

  • NEW: How you can really increase your take-home by 20-100% with the Value-Analysis strategy. — Page 34

  • NEW: How to apply your skills differently in any industry where the applicability of your skillset is highly sorted after. — Page 60-65 

  • The 11 ways to attract paying customers into your small business project/idea using the skills you already have...  — Page 14

  • LEARN: How to grab work opportunities using problem-solving skills... (including how to identify those skills). — Pages 20-29

  • IMPORTANT: How to identify, transfer and apply your skills (This is the bit where millions of people get stuck at!) — Entire book

  • THE SECRET of "Talent vs. Skills" Ownership ...This simple strategy gives you the power to break through and PULL much larger and more established brands and customers! 

My Secret "strategy" for creating hiring visibility that converts like CRAZY!

  • How I leverage my skills to create a career journey and market myself... FAST Page 27

  • EXAMPLES: Of how to analyse your skills to check your value in the market. Pages 28-42

  • HOW: to work with the gaps you have and how to identify goldmine opportunities Pages 47-65


They say it BEST...

She helped me to get rid of the fear of change and to see the strength and relevance of my past work experiences in the career direction I wanted to go.  

The experience has been a real game-changer for me. I got into the role I wanted within 2 weeks!

- Odun Okeme

Nkechie was instrumental in helping me regain professional confidence after redundancy and a year of maternity leave. After a very productive hour session, I felt confident in my capabilities, well prepared, and ready for an interview which resulted in a job offer within 24 hours- Assetou. D

I took away feeling inspired. The delivery was so gentle, filled with love and compassion. I give this experience a 10! - Oasha Sears

I attended the Business Vision Board sessions, and it gave me clarity on my ballon business's vision and more.

- Chioma Enechionyia

It exceeded my expectation! It was a professional delivery and I will recommend her CV Revamp coaching services to anyone! Excellent service. well done."

- Ezekiel. Eleduma

Thank you Nkechie. You made me realize CHANGE is needed for growth to happen. This has stuck with me.

- Patience. N

I needed a plan on how to build my business alongside my 9-5 and I got a plan. Don't miss this.

- Stella Marie Phillips

Once I got professional help from Nkechie, I knew why I wasn't getting any positive responses from all the applications I had made - I saw what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to make it right. I got into a role in less than 3 weeks

- Biola Eluwole

I had taken a break from my career for a while to have and raise my children. When it was time to go back, I realized that things had changed really quickly since I was away and my confidence levels dipped. I began to question my skills and knowledge and it worried me!

The sessions with Nkechie were good and helpful towards building the confidence I needed for the market. I highly recommend working with her because her services to you are tailored and unique. She has vast knowledge and experience in helping people transition into their dream careers.

- Ayo Akinwunmi


@ 2021, The School of Achievers. 

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