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June 15-17, 2023   

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Don't get thrown out of work, unexpectedly!

3 Day Challenge - June 15,16 & 17 2023


Organisations are making decisions that will impact your earning power... what decisions are you making to keep your earning power?


In this 3 day challenge, you will discover;

How to separate the AI rave signals from the noise, so you don't get caught by surprise (or get laid off)!

The 10 job types that will be affected; including what you should look into now!

How to get the best value from your skills! Including how to identify the skills that show your worth.

My proven 3-step process for knowing how to sell your skills any day, anytime, in any organisation and in any sector/industry.

How to build a sturdy career structure, brick by brick - including why this is important in the long-run (what is AI replacing)

... Including how to position yourself for opportunities


Countdown to theChallenge

Your Questions Answered

When is the challenge?

June 15-17, 2023 (7:30 pm BST/ 2:30pm EST / 7:30PM WAT)

Is the webinar online or in-class?

It is online. You will be able to join from anywhere in the world, using any web enabled device.

How long is the class?

About 90 minutes each day.

You will also find a template to help with a critical task that'll be given during the challenge.

Is this class for me?

If you are a professional (or starter) who is  tired of the frustration, disappointment and the feeling of defeat that comes with unsuccessful job applications - this is for you.

If you want battle-tested knowledge and tools that will help you create a happier job acquisition journey, this FREE training is your lifeline.

How much is this class?

It is completely free.

My mission is to help you understand and use the skills you have to navigate the impact of the adoption of AI in organisations and industries.

How do I know this will help in my job hunting?
My strategies help all types of professionals and career driven individuals.

If you have applied for hundreds of jobs, tried to get a promotion, tried to understand what to do next in your career journey, been kicked out of a job because of AI, you will walk away from this class with the tools and knowledge to tackle your job acquisition struggles... and much more.

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