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JobSmart PRO+

Proudly supporting high performers in their job acquisition journey and career for over 6 years with a 98% positive results score.



Are you looking to get into work soon? Are you a professional looking to get a higher-paid job and excel in your next work challenge? We support graduates, professionals, apprentices, and career-break moms to get into the correct position with the proper perspective so they can thrive in the workplace anywhere, in Africa and outside Africa.


Our JobSmart PRO+ packages primarily focus on helping job seekers get into the Job they will succeed at. Join the next cohort to learn how to get noticed successfully by employers, sell your value, understand the market and your worth, optimize your  CV, Cover letter and attract the right networks.

You will succeed with our JobSmart PRO+ sessions! 98% of our clients have!


Join a cohort now.

'Getting professional help in my career path is one of the best decisions I ever made. It pointed me in the right direction. I got into a role in less than 3 weeks!'

Biola - HR Professional


Our goal is to create long-term career results through skills application and transfer, mindset shifts, and behavioural changes, not short-term fixes.

Our goal

Short-term career fixes

Month 1

Month 36

*92% of our users sustained increased career fulfilment, job breakthroughs, mind shifts, and/or a pay rise.

(In-house research: 50+ participants)

Long-term RESULTS, not short-term fixes. 

Our Goal:

Steady and sometimes, geometric career growth

Short-term career fixes:

Unsteady, undulating, and deep in career fulfilment, pay rise and skillset strength.

Avoid these three time-wasting strategies (at all costs)

Professional Smiling Woman_edited.png

There are 3 mistakes we constantly see people making that derail them and crush their chances of achieving true work acquisition success!


1) Submit your CV - have multiple CV's for many roles.

You might think: “It's all about putting my different CV's out there!”

Reality: recruiters have hundreds of CV's for any one role - particularly roles that are student-friendly. You must go two steps further to get your value through the right doors. Your CV is your marketing tool - it should say a lot about the value you will bring to an organisation, as well as give employers a sense of who you are.

People have been known to apply for over 500 jobs with little or no phone calls for an interview. This shouldn't be your story.

You need to sell your work value in a way that excites you and a potential employer.


2) Browse random YouTube/Google work help channels with no structured component to learning and no depth.

You might think: “The more lessons I do, the better I will become.”

Reality: Putting the time into acquiring knowledge is important, but it’s vital to ensure you are acquiring the right thing. Perfect information and practice give you great results. Bad practice teaches you bad habits. Getting the right job in the right workplace is about mastering the 'how to' rather than just noodling around and wishing for the stars.

If you have watched lessons before on YouTube, you’ll know that you don’t get great results in a few months. You’ll be frustrated. There is something in you that knows that you would put the time in to take a serious step up. 


3) Listen to friends and family, and just try to ‘figure your way through'.

You might think: “I can learn by listening to people who have been there.”

Reality: Your experience will most probably be different from others. You are your own person with your own goals, vision and aspiration. Having the right exercises, live sessions, and resources at the right time, broken down into manageable pieces - is how international students looking for work in a new environment progress quickly.

If you tried to just through your CV out there without any work on your work acquisition skill, you would find that your progress will be behind your potential.


You need to structure your work acquisition goals.

Thrive, not strive, on your Search in 2023... 
That's our goal for you.

No one should feel stuck in the rot, under-utilized, or under-payed: that's why we show you how to use what you have, to get to where you should be.


What do you want? We can get you there!

Simply get a JOB, because I want to ...
Simply GET INTO my passion, because I want to...
Simply INCREASE my salary, because I ...
Pay off my school loans
Start a business using the skills I have
Want to afford more things
Pay off medical bills
Stop working for my current employer
Want to get a mortgage
Pay my child support
Try something new and fresh
Want to afford a family holiday and gifts
Afford my basic needs
Stop being fearful of getting into another job or company
Want to change my financial status: I've been on this job for years
Pay off my debts
Break into the actual career path I am passionate towards
Stop being under-payed
Support my family
Leave a toxiccworkplace
Want to cover the full bulk of my monthly bills and have some left
Pay my bills
Move away from what I am currently doing
Want to match my salary with my workload and quality of delivery

It Took Less Than 3 Weeks!

Getting professional help in my career path is one of the best decisions I ever made. It pointed me in the right direction. I got into a role in less than 3 weeks!

Biola - HR Professional

A Real Game Changer

Each session felt like it was tailor-made to suit my needs. The experience has been a real game changer for me. I got into the role I wanted within 2 weeks!

Odun - Product and Project Manager

Great Confidence and a Job in 24 hours!

After a very productive hour session, I felt confident in my capabilities, well prepared and ready for an interview which resulted in a job offer!

Assetou - HR Projects

I'll Rate this Experience at

It exceeded my expectations!  It was a professional delivery. Excellent service, well done.

Ezekiel - Project Controller

Next Steps?

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