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3 Days To A New Job

June 14-16, 2021

Here's How 3 Days To A New Job Goes Down

Day 1
June 9
Your Skills + Value & The Future of Work

Everything you need to decide on which job path suits YOUR skills or talent, including the Future of Work and how this affects what you already have. I will also be sharing 10 battle-tested skills models to get you noticed by recruiter and employers any day and anytime (even if you haven't used them for a while, or you've used them sparingly)

Day 2
June 10
Your CV/Résumé, LinkedIn & Cover Letter

What the heavens do you even put INTO your professional documents and profile and how do you make sure that the RIGHT people see what you have to offer, see your genius and attract their attention... squarely.

Day 3
June 11
Your Application & Interview Launch Plan

My step by step, plan to get your application and value OUT THERE. yes, ma'am because what is the point of having so much to offer if no one finds you? 


Join Me For A Live And Free (Yep Really) Challenge Where I Give You Everything You Need To Attract A Job That Generates A Minimum Of $3K A Month. 


PLUS a full 24-hour plan of my own career plan that got me serving customers in over 20+ countries around the globe.


Give me 3 Days & I will give you all you need to choose your job/career path, effectively plan your application, and be ready to LAUNCH OUT fully loaded with great potential!

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Who Am I & Why You Should Listen To Me

Emma - LS - B.jpg

Hey, I’m Nkechie,  your career strategist, and an enthusiast when it comes to skills transfer and replication, skills psychology, and creating career transformation rejection-proof strategies that make people want to get you into their organization immediately!


I have created this live event based on my personal experience and working with hundreds of people who have changed their career stories, increased their take-home income for the better, found their true calling, and seeing in real-time how organization and business needs have changed in the last few months.


The personalized strategies you will get here are based on my own past and real-time-relevant-right-now experience and are things that you need in order to survive, thrive & downright dominate the industry/sector you are interested in...  in a post-corona world.

Nkechie Ilori (Emma)

Screenshot 2021-05-27 at 12.12.14.jpeg

By simply registering for this 3 day event, you get a free copy of a chapter from our #1 fast moving skills identification, analysis and skills transfer  - hugely sort after book that teaches you how to use the value of your skills to get into any job, career path or industry ... anywhere in the WORLD.


© The School of Achievers. A Bagdis Inc. Brand.

We don't believe in get-rich-quick, take-this pill-and-be-awesome systems. We believe in hard work, integrity, faith, and service. That is exactly what all our courses, resources, and programs are meant to help you do. There are obviously no guarantees that you will get the same results as we did because that depends on your industry, your ability, capability, work history, work experience... and not to mention your resolve to step into the arena with the intention to win. We are here to give you the best tool possible to get you where you want to go but at the end of the day these are just tools, YOU gotta use them to get the results you want. What use is a great steak knife if you plan to order take out right?


Also, remember that nothing on this page or any of our websites or emails is a promise of earnings or a guarantee of results.

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